About the Algorithm

We know the challenges that come with using technology to boost your business. Whether it be software development or optimization, we will face those challenges for you. We are about designing and developing technical solutions to solve complex problems. We are about focus and production of quality work. We are all about providing solutions.

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About Piyoosh

Piyoosh’s biggest asset is his ability to solve complex problems by active listening and crafting unique solutions based on applying cutting edge techniques to most business issues.

As a graduate Masters of Computer Science from University of Denver, Piyoosh has more than 15 years of experience solving small to enterprise problems by integrating 3 Pillars of Business: People, Process, and Program with an Agile development life cycle to bring about innovative solutions.

With a savvy business acumen that is hard to miss, Piyoosh ascended the ranks quickly during his 10 year tenure at 3t, Systems Inc. where he was promoted from Senior Consultant to Director of Software Engineering and finally to Chief Product Officer. As the software lead, certified in Agile Scrum methodologies, Piyoosh has demonstrated the ability to manage successful in-house as well as off-shore engineering teams.

With more than 20 years of experience in SaaS, Healthcare, Finance, and Data Analytics; Piyoosh now manages The Algorithm as founder, and continues to build custom and mobile applications for enterprise-level companies as well as startups. He also serves as Chief Software Architect of VMA (Virtual Medical Assistant) Software, a flagship product developed for the healthcare industry.

Piyoosh is an avid athlete who’s been known to partake in races such as the Tough Mudder. In his downtime, he gardens and is a proud husband and father.

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Our Mission

  • Provide continuous value addition in the field of IT through Innovation, Precision and Quality.