Before the age of the internet, we read books, newspapers and magazines. Whenever we wanted new materials to read, we purchased them from bookstores or visited libraries. But with the internet, millions of reading materials are available at the press of a button.

Reading is more than just a means to learn and gain new information. Studies show that reading stimulates our mind, enhances our critical thinking, improves our vocabulary and reduces our stress levels. That’s why it is important to encourage reading from a very young age. As parents, or guardian, it is our responsibility to make sure that age appropriate reading materials are available for our children to read.

My Storytime Lite is an app that makes hundreds of reading materials for children available in one place. The app, developed by The Algorithm, is available through Google Play and can be downloaded for free.
After downloading the app from Google Play, a first-time user will be asked to sign up. The app requires the usual information – First and Last Name, email address and password. After submitting and essentially agreeing to the terms and conditions, a confirmation code will be sent to the email address used during sign up.

Once signup is completed, the user will be asked for the child’s information. Aside from the name, age and gender, the child’s likes and interests are also taken into account. The user can select from given topics like courage, friendship and kindness. It is also possible to select the complexity or level from easy, moderate and hard based on the child’s reading and comprehension skills.

The reading materials displayed in the app are filtered based on the information provided by the user. Selections and most viewed materials are displayed at the bottom. It is also possible to mark the stories as favorite to make it easier for the user find it. For children who are still learning how to read, there’s an option to play the audio for the book and children can follow the stories by listening to the narrator.

For parents with more than one child, it is possible to register or list more than one child’s profile in the app. They can then toggle the profiles to display the appropriate reading material based on who is currently using it.
Every time a story is completed, the reader can earn coins which can be used to purchase a new book. In-app purchases are also available, allowing parents to purchase new books using real money. This is a good app to download for parents who want their children to practice reading and do not want to worry about them reading stories that are inappropriate for their age. It also saves time in searching for books to download; the library already has a vast number of books to choose from even with just the free stories.

My Storytime Lite is available in iOS and Android. Download My Storytime Lite app from the app store and on Google Play, start reading with your kids today!